Software to analyze data

Select 'Text file' and select your data file by 'FileName' Use 'File Viewer' (or your favourite text editor) to find the settings for 'Header', 'Column'...
At this example 'Header' is 1 (one line before the data section), Separator is ; and Column is 2. Set the correct start time (here it is 24.08.2016 12:50:00 and the sampling rate, here it is 1000 msec (60 lines from 12:50 to 12:51), Enable 'Auto Scaling'. Press 'Start'
Recorded depth values must be positive. If this is not the case (as in this example) invert data by 'Process/Multiply/-1'
Check correctness. Hit 'F5', then End-key. The last date of the data file must be the same as the time of the F5 cursor.
Set a subsidfiary line at 0 (baseline) by 'View/Subsidlien
Check baseline by F3. Then Ctrl ->,Ctrl ->,Ctrl ->,Ctrl ->, .... Adjust the baseline by menu 'Baseline' (or by Ctrl-U, Ctrl-D)
Settings for the analysis: Menu Analysis/Parameter'_ Choose the appropriate Threshold. That means dive events of max depth smaller 'Threshold' will be ignored. At this example the baseline is perfect, so choose 'Criterion=Only Level Absolute'. In this case 'Level' can be set to the same value as 'Threshold'. Since the baseline doesn't swing you can disable 'Trekk Baseline'. Disable also 'Adjust y-size' .
Testphase: Put the work cursors back to the onset of the channel (F4 Home, F5 Home-key) and press the Q key repeatedly to test if MT finds the dives. If necessary, change the parameters (Menu Analysis/Parameter).
Put the work cursors back to the top of the channel (F4 Home, F5 Home-key), press the Q key once to find the first dive, then press the W key. This analyses the current dive event and writes the results of the analysis to the output file. Then 'W' key again until the end of the file. The parameters of the analysis can be changed at any time. Also the cursors, which mark onset and end of the dive (F4 and F5), the cursors, which mark the bottom of the dive (F8, F9) and the baseline.
Questions? Ask me. You'll get quick response.