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Jensen Software Systems

We are specialized in the production of software for intractable research data and have experience since 1993.

If you have problems with data analysis; too many data; a very labour-intensive analysis; have no useful helping hand or if you simply don't
know how to analyze your data - get in contact with us. We even have experience in analysis of data from specific loggers : Lotek , Wildlife Computers (tags), Zelcon, Driesen&Kern (Dead-reckoners for marine animals),.. with various specifications (LTD's, TDR's,..) and have a series of available programs.

Even if your analysis necessities are not covered in our list, you can ask us. We can provide you with a program that will allow your desired analysis, reliably, comfortably and quickly: in a fraction of the time you would normally need. And we won't leave it there! We'll always be there to help if you need us. When required we could manage your data analysis completely !

The program family MultiTrace

MultiTrace is a set of programs designed to analyze data recorded by data loggers. MultiTrace enables for instance Dive Analysis, Deadreckoning, Temperature Analysis ( water temp. and stomach temp.), Geolocation, pH-Analysis. Hundreds of scientists all over the world are percectly satisfied users of MultiTrace.


My-MT is a special MultiTrace. By means of My-MT the user can modify or replace the default analysis procedures of MultiTrace by self written analyses procedures.

Seal with logger

Miscellaneous software

Here are more helpful applications and tools. For instance ColonyPopulation, it estimates the amount of animals of a colony.

Customized software

We develop also software according to your wishes. If you need a special tool or if you wish some additional features for a program of us, then do not hesitate to ask us.


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