Software to analyze data

What is MT

By means of the software MultiTrace (MT) you can analyze data recorded by data loggers - mainly wildlife animals. This can be almost any type of measurement data: Depth values (dive data), temperatures, pH values, speed, heartbeat ... MT analyzes this data either automatically or under your visual control.

We also offer to analyze your data according to your ideas.

Barnade Goose . Foto by Götz Eichhorn

MT can do more than that. It creates statistics, counts events, can perform operations on the data such as addition, multiplication, thin/expand data, smooth or spline data, create histograms, determine frequencies...

With MT you can also perform zero offset correction (ZOC) of the baseline of your data or compensate sensor inertias.

Sea Turtle
Sea Turtle.
MT at work
MT analyzing data

It can display several channels (e.g. recorded depth values and speed or temperature values) in parallel and analyze them in combination (e.g. temperature at max. depth).

Zero offset corrected data
Smoothing data
Dive Event
MT searches dive events and analyzes them

Some more features of MultiTrace

Zero Offset Correction
Zero offset correction
Calc. of frequency
Compensation of Inertia
Sensor Inertia Compensation
Splining data
Splining data
MT Histogram
expansion and reduction of data
Expand & Reduce data